Open Positions

Multiple Postdoctoral (computational; $85k + benefits) and Staff Scientist (both computational and wet-lab; $80k-110k salary + benefits, depending on track record) positions available (note: these are on-site positions).

NEWS: Computational / data science Postdoc salaries at St. Jude now start at $85k, with a substantial annual pay increase, excellent benefits and affordable cost of living!!!!

We are also recruiting Summer Students and Graduate Students at St. Jude and UT.

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Positions are available in these broad research areas:

Computational projects:

  • Developing computational methods for single-cell RNA-seq and spatial transcriptomics data. Recent advances have allowed the measurement of genome-wide gene expression directly within tissue sections, using a set of technologies referred to as spatial transcriptomics. These tools allow us to dissect tumor heterogeneity in unprecedented detail and will allow us to study the determinants of drug response at a resolution not previously possible. You will develop new computational and statistical methodologies for analyzing and interpreting these data and develop approaches to integrate spatial transcriptomics with matched single-cell RNA-seq data. You will utilize both Visium and MERFISH data, with a primary focus on neuroblastoma. This work will aim to improve our understanding of tumor heterogeneity and yield computational approaches applicable to a broad variety of complex traits and diseases. (Projects funded by our NIGMS R35 award)
  • Developing machine learning approaches for integration of pre-clinical, clinical genomics and electronic health record data for drug re-purposing and pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents. Identifying targeted therapies for patients with cancer is a central focus at St. Jude, and genome and RNA sequencing of patients’ tumors is now being performed regularly as part of standard-of-care. A major goal of the Geeleher lab is to explore machine learning approaches to prioritize targetable variants and expand the scope of targeted therapeutics. You will explore, optimize and build on emerging informatics techniques, including integrating somatic variation with transcriptomic variation and with protein-protein interaction networks. The Geeleher lab’s wet-lab component provides a platform for validation of computational predictions and discoveries. Successful completion of the project has the potential for a direct positive impact on patient care and high-impact publications. (Projects funded by our NCI R01 award)

Wet-lab projects:

  • Identifying and developing new rational drug combinations for pediatric neuroblastoma. In the last 5 years, high-throughput CRISPR knockout and drug screening assays have been performed in in very large panels of cancer cell lines. These data have proved a very successful tool for drug repurposing in pediatric cancers, where the tumor mutation burden is typically low. Indeed, the rate at which these data has been generated has vastly outpaced the ability of the research community to pursue the promising leads. The staff scientist will assemble the most promising leads from these data for pediatric neuroblastoma. They will mechanistically dissect the most interesting hits and use additional targeted CRISPR knockout screens to prioritize rational drug combinations, which will be further explored using high-throughput robotic screening tools, already available at St. Jude. The scientist will also leverage in vivo preclinical resources already available at St. Jude, specifically our already assembled orthotopic patient derived xenografts. The goal of the project is to develop new therapeutic strategies for high-risk neuroblastoma. (Projects funded by our NCI R01 award)

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Criteria for Postdocs and Staff Scientist positions

Candidates must have a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or M.D.).

Candidates should have a track record of productivity, for example, a first author paper, or a demonstrable contribution to a large project. For computational projects, applicants with a Ph.D. in a quantitative field (computational biology, genetics/genomics, statistics, mathematics, physics, computer science & related fields) are encouraged to apply. Strong candidates from a primarily wet-lab or M.D. background, who wish to develop sophisticated quantitative skills will also be considered. Experience working in pediatric cancer is desirable but not necessary.

Salary for Staff Scientist positions is extremely competitive.

Benefits for Postdocs

St. Jude is one of the most highly ranked and best-funded research institutions in the world. Postdocs have outstanding health/dental insurance, relocation expenses and annual funding for attending meetings. Postdoc salaries at St. Jude are slightly higher than the standard NIH rate and cost-of-living in Memphis is much more affordable than other major academic centers (Boston, New York, Chicago, California).

Postdocs will be fully supported in furthering their career, including (if desired) writing/applying for fellowships.

Postdoc salary and benefits

Postdoc life at St. Jude


Please email a CV to paulgeeleher {at} gmail {dot} com.